Happy Batman Day!

Ordinary Batman Adventures are a godsend.



Care about nature. Plant a tree. Hug a tree. Hug a cactus. Shove some dirt up your ass. Recycle.



They call him Egga-Man. And Dr. Wily is gonna have a real hard time not winding up with egg all over his face.


They call him Egga-Man. And Dr. Wily is gonna have a real hard time not winding up with egg all over his face.

SONG: UnknownBloodbuzz Ohio
ARTIST: UnknownJulia Stone
ALBUM: Unknown
PLAYED: 439 times


bloodbuzz ohio - julia stone (the national cover)

i was carried to ohio in a swarm of bees
i’ll never marry but ohio don’t remember me

 Julia Stone has this knack for taking songs you’re pretty sure you know and then completely changing the perspective on them. In this case, The National’s tale of self loathing turns into an impressive ballad that almost seems uplifting. Julia Stone could cover every song ever and I’d be 100% okay with that.

In fact, Julia Stone and Meredith Godreau should write a concept album together

SONG: UnknownOut Alee
ARTIST: UnknownHundred Waters
ALBUM: UnknownThe Moon Rang Like A Bell
PLAYED: 301 times


Hundred Waters / Out Alee

Lush and gorgeous, this is one of my two favorite songs (along with Down From the Rafters) off of ‘The Moon Rang Like a Bell,’ Hundred Waters’s fantastic new release.

SONG: UnknownAtrophy
ARTIST: UnknownThe Antlers
ALBUM: UnknownHospice
PLAYED: 1119 times


The Antlers - "Atrophy"

You’ve been living a while in the front of my skull, making orders. You’ve been writing me rules, shrinking maps and redrawing borders. I’ve been repeating your speeches, but the audience just doesn’t follow. Because I’m leaving out words, punctuations, and it sounds pretty hollow.

I’ve been living in bed because now, you tell me to sleep. I’ve been hiding my voice and my face and you decide when I eat. In your dreams I’m a criminal, horrible, sleeping around. While you’re awake I’m impossible, constantly letting you down.

Little porcelain figurines, glass bullets you shoot at the wall. Threats of castration for crimes you imagine when I miss your call.

With the bite of the teeth of that ring on my finger, I’m bound to your bedside, your eulogy singer. I’d happily take all those bullets inside you and put them inside of myself.